Happy Easter!

How is your day going?

I can’t help but think of Easter’s past when the whole family could get together and hunt Easter Eggs. My husband’s Grandmother knew how to get her kids all home for a holiday. On Easter, one of the uncles would arrive early and hide 100’s of eggs in Grandma’s back yard on the North Shore of Chicago in Deerfield, IL.


Each egg contained……money. Not candy! And there was a large egg with each grand child’s name on it with a $20 bill in side. Those were some fun days. I was always surprised at the Easter celebration on that side of the family. It was grander than Christmas. To say that my kids were spoiled rotten is an understatement. Not only was there more food than could possibly be eaten, the kids each got gifts from the Easter Bunny that would rival anything Santa ever brought.


As for Grandma, well, she loved her family. And…she loved Muffy Bears.  So every year we would take a trip to a specialty doll shop in Appleton, Wi to pick out the perfect Muffy bear for her. Which was not an easy job! She had sooooooo many Muffy Bears. It was hard not to repeat. So we tried to always get the latest released Muffy Bear before anyone else could get it for her. lol Sad to see that they are no longer made. What are your Easter Traditions?