It just came out of my mouth. “If you eat this for one week, I’ll guarantee you’ll lose 5 lbs.” What? Who do I think I am? What did I just say? I was just meeting this person for the first time and here I am telling her what to do. She was my daughter’s age and I think, maybe my motherly instinct just kicked in or something. Well, when she called me 4 days later and said that she has lost the 5 lbs already, I was overjoyed. And she was thrilled! Is this you? Have you given up the hope that you can ever lose the weight? Is your body working against you? Do you have low thyroid? Does exercise exhaust you? You are not alone. I hear you. I feel your pain. And I have 4 easy tips for you: 1 – Buy a scale. I’m serious. So many people threw away their scales under the guise of loving and accepting themselves. That’s not self-love. That’s a self fulfilling prophecy that you’ll keep gaining weight. 2 – Weigh yourself daily. Every day. Yes, I mean every day. Get up in the morning. Go to the bathroom and then hop on the scale. Write down the date and your weight on a large index card. That’s it. How can you expect to lose weight if you don’t know what causes you to gain weight? 3 – Read labels and ingredients. Stop looking at calories. Calories in/calories out is a lie. Stop limiting fats. Eating fat actually helps you burn fat not gain fat. Carbs are your enemy. Without a scale you have no idea how many carbs you can eat a day and still lose weight or maintain the weight you want. 4 – Stop dieting. Everyone’s body is different. The foods that cause me to gain or lose weight might not be the same foods that cause you to gain or lose weight.   So no one single diet is going to be the magic key for your weight lose. For more tips and recommendations or to just follow my weight loss journey: Subscribe to my email list here.