Day One: Top 3 Tips to Start your successful weight loss journey.

Take a deep breath and let’s figure out what thoughts have been keeping you fat. What thoughts have been keeping you broken? The power and motivation to lose weight is in your mind. Trust me. I’ve got you.

The three tips I went over in this video are:
1 – Weigh Yourself daily – Why and How
2 – Your Brain is going to lie to you – Talk back to it!
3 – Hunger is not an Emergency – Ghandi went 21 days without food and didn’t die or become anorexic.

Your Call to Action Steps:
1 – Make a list of food you love
2 – Find a picture of yourself that you LOVE at your ideal weight
3 – Put on paper why you want to lose weight.

Reach out to me for your free 15 min coaching session and we can create an exact meal plan taken from your list of favorite foods to give you immediate weight loss results.

Recommendations – My favorite protein shakes that are the perfect ratio of protein to carbs.