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Let me guess…. You hate to exercise, too?

You’ve tried and tried to get motivated and still, no weight loss, no consistency, no improvement. Maybe the only increase you felt is your increase in fatigue and exhaustion.

Well, you found your safe place. I’ve been there. I’m still there. What I want you to know and feel deep down in your bones is this – You are NOT broken. You are NOT made this way. You are NOT a mistake. You are exactly how you are supposed to be.

Now with that said, you can still lose weight. How many times have you said to yourself – I can’t believe how fat I am – I can’t believe how ugly I feel – How did it ever get this bad? Probably deep down you think that these thoughts will motivate you to change. But, honestly, that is not how your brain works.

If you stop now and don’t read any farther – know this –

You must LOVE yourself to your perfect weight. It’s the only way to get there and especially….it’s the only way to stay there.

My top 4 tips to lose weight fast without exercise. Stop telling yourself you are lazy and won’t lose weight until you start running a marathon. It’s a lie. What you put in your mouth will either help you burn fat or help you store fat. It’s that simple.

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Top 4 tips:

  1. Buy a Scale. (min 1:45)
  2. Weigh yourself everyday. (min 2:20)
  3. Start Reading Labels and Ingredients. (min 5:25)
  4. Stop Dieting. (min 9:15)
  5. (Bonus tip)Stop Beating your self up! (min 9:28)


There you have it. Lot’s more info in the video because I talk way tooooooo much. But that’s just me. Lol Give it a view – it should at least be entertaining.

Hugs, jody