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Trauma Release Coach



If you focus on the good in a person, the good gets better.

Physical Health

Your weight is affecting your physical health .

Mental Health

Mindset is what seperates the BEST from the REST!

Financial Health

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

What Is Life Coaching?

I help you use your mind to make your dreams come true.

Life coaching is a program that takes you by the hand and helps you study and understand yourself. It helps you make sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results.

It teaches you how to…

  • use your brain’s cognition to ease anxiety, stress, worry and boredom
  • process emotion and create more energy
  • be less frustrated by learning relationship tools
  • motivate yourself to get more done in less time

Who Is Coaching For?

Everyone! If you have a brain you need life coaching.

Managing your brain (and the thoughts within it) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired results. (And you don’t learn this anywhere else)

Think about something you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, you can truly change.

You just need a different approach.

You need a process and some tools to understand the brain, where all your power is.

You need a way to use your brain.

You need to access the motivation to get the results you truly want.


Do you find yourself attracting the same people with the same problems into your life? Do you feel like you’d be happy if everyone around you would just change? Have you ever heard – it takes two to tango? Well, I’m here to tell you that it just takes one person to change a relationship. And I can teach you how to enjoy everyone in your life.

Mental Health

Looking for clarity? Ready to champion your own life? Looking for courage, strength, and confidence? Want tools to overcome any challenge life gives you?

It’s time to take back your power. Book your FREE 15 Min Mindset Makeover Today!

Physical Health

Sick and tired of the weight loss merry go round?  Wondering why you can’t stick to a diet long enough for success? Ready to give up and learn to accept your current weight?

What if I told you that you could love yourself  all the way to your goal weight? You can look and feel amazing without dieting or exercise?

Financial Health

Too much month at the end of your money?Want to bring in extra cash along side your day job?Want to increase sales and profits in your current biz?Ready to break through limitations and learn skills to connect with others? Book your FREE 15 Minute business blueprint session Today!

What Coaching fits you best?

If you aren’t sure which coaching you want, don’t stress. Schedule your consult today and we can go over your specific needs. 

Jody’s Blog

My Top 3 Tips to Successful Weight Loss.

Day One: Top 3 Tips to Start your successful weight loss journey.Take a deep breath and let’s figure out what thoughts have been keeping you fat. What thoughts have been keeping you broken? The power and motivation to lose weight is in your mind. Trust me....

How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise.

It just came out of my mouth. “If you eat this for one week, I’ll guarantee you’ll lose 5 lbs.” What? Who do I think I am? What did I just say? I was just meeting this person for the first time and here I am telling her what to do. She was my daughter’s age and I...

Top 5 Reasons to use Sunscreen

Sunscreen dates back to ancient Egypt, where rice bran extract and jasmine were used to help shield skin from the sun. Chemists invented the first commercial sunscreen in 1936, and it has been improved upon ever since. Modern sunscreens are water resistant, and are...

  Weekly Blog Topics


Physical Health

Emotional Health

Financial Health

Each week I write a blog on one of these four subjects. Each blog post will have tips and advice that will help you advance in these areas of your life. I will teach specific tools that will help you manage your life in various situations.  It’s time to overcome your fear and accomplish the impossible.

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What They Say

Jennifer from Idaho

Jody has helped me find the best product for my individual needs. She is quick to answer questions and has replaced an item for me that just didn’t work for me! I love Jody and her products!

Mindy from Montana

Absolutely amazing products! Works so well and makes me so happy. Jody is pretty awesome herself!!! She’s been a great help in getting me started on the right products for me. She’s fun, too!

Dawn from Wisconsin

This company is extremely blessed to have Jody Lyons working as a Representative. I am a recruiter and know how to spot high quality talent. Jody always provides top notch customer service along and timely responses. She will even go as far as pulling money out of her own check book if an issue comes up that Corporate won’t cover to keep a smile on a customer. She is such a joy to work with. Jody definitely goes above and beyond for her customers and is so helpful answering questions about the products.

Stephanie from Idaho

The products are great and Jody is awesome!

Jane from Mauritius

Jody is so great with understanding me and had helped me with weight loss and emotionally controlling my cravings. I have seen great results from her sessions and being able to use her tips to help with my skin rashes.

Hannah from Wisconsin

I’ve spent most of my life spinning in circles, watching the world pass me by. I didn’t know how to interact with the world around me and I felt like I couldn’t just stop and be in the moment. Jody helped me organize my life in a way that fit me. She adjusted her program to my needs. She showed me how my own brain was sabotaging my life by what it was telling me. And I learned I can be the creator of my story by what thoughts I choose to believe.

Charlotte from Wisconsin

I’ve never been able to loose this last 10 pounds. It’s been so frustrating. I had honestly given up hope that I could lose the weight, until I started working with you. I am honestly shocked at how easy it was to lose weight and feel good. I love what you’ve taught me about how my brain works. That is secret to maintaining my weight loss. I’m down 10 lbs and I have more energy and can handle my day to day stress better than ever before. Thank you so much, Jody

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